Research & Lesson Plans:
Practitioner Toolkit: Working with Adult English Language Learners
From the Center for Family Literacy. Includes ideas for lesson plans related to parent education and family literacy.

ESL Web Links:

Note: Nearly ALL of these web sites have built in quizzes, which can either be printed or done interactively.
ALL AUDIO Listen and repeat PODCAST also available
ALL AUDIO Pronunciation practice (Note British Site/English Accent)
2-4 READING Common and Confusing English Words
ALL READING Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, Test, Study Tips and more
ALL READING/WRITING A thu Z worksheets based on level or subject
ALL All things Games, both printable, interactive and Whole class (check out irregular verbs Jeopardy style)
ALL READING/WRITTING hundreds of worksheets dealing with ALL forms of Grammar

TEACHERS' PERSONAL RESOURCE*ESL CLASS ROOM WORKSHEETS (Note: These have to be purchased through your own account)
2-4 READING/WRITING Grammar Quizzes for all forms of Grammar
2-4 AUDIO Interactive Games various English topics (this is BEST used for English computer lab time allowing each student to work through the exercises at their own pace) *TEACHERS LOOK AT THE TOOLS TABS FOR MORE CLASSROOM PRINTABLE RESOURCES
1-3 AUDIO Listen and repeat Various English Topics (This may work best during English Computer Lab)Choose ONLY the English version

TEACHERS RESOURCE (need a lesson plan BUT too tired to create one or a fresh perspective????) Almost everything under the sun is covered
2-4 ALL AUDIO/VISUAL (May best work during English Computer Lab) dozens of videos covering various English grammar points
ALL IN VIDEO format and mostly done in pop song format:
MOSTLY 2/3-4 TEACHER RESOURCE Need a way to break down a concept? Watch how other Adult ESL Instructors do it….
ALL AUDIO/VIDEO (May best work during English Computer Lab) hundreds of ESL videos covering dozens of topics
3 BUT mostly 4 GRAMMAR/VERB TENSES great tool. Very difficult make sure to prep students based on subject matter before hand. (May work best during English Computer Lab)
ALL AUDIO/VIDEO/READING/PODCAST (Another great English Computer Lab site BUT will work out side of the Lab). Touches on multiple Grammar and listening points (Note it sounds REALLY corny but worth it)
ALL READING/GAMES Great overall resource that covers multiple subjects and different levels.

When ALL else fails!! Google GED in English, home schooling, and/or YouTube “ESL” a wealth of information pops up.
All sites were valid as of 11-14-12)

Links For GED: Covers ALL Subjects Hundreds of GED Math practice Hundreds of GED Math practice GED Math practice

Miscellaneous Resources:
Teaching Sentence Stress

New York Times articles simplified each week:
Times in Plain English

A great resource for showing how we pronounce American English phonemes:

Adult Learning Activities--California Distance Learning Project


The Latest News with Activities--Breaking News English

Youtube Video Explaining Rice Producation (on the right hand side are other ESL based youtube videos covering a broad range of topics)

Excellent grammar resource!!

TEACHERS / Students ~Break down of Tenses

A new (paid) program to help non native speakers reduce accents for better English pronunciation. Great as an addition to English computer lab sessions.